Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This post brought to you by the letter “L”

Do you have a favourite letter of the alphabet? One that makes you happy to write? Mine is “L”. The capital version, in handwriting. I love forming it. I used to wish my mom had named me after her because her name started with L and when I was 13ish I had a crush on a guy, pretty much only because his last name started with L and I used to dream about being Mrs. L.

Now my new boss’s name starts with L so I get to write it LOTS. I still get pleasure out of forming that letter. Weird maybe but at least I’m consistent :)


tosin said...

Oh my goodness - mine too! It's funny that you bring that up, because I always feel like the only person who would ever think of stuff like that!

In fact, my handwriting is ever evolving as I am constantly adjusting it.


Shelljo said...

Lowercase G. I don't make it like we were taught, instead, i'm lazy and just make the loop for the top of the g and continue on down for the "tail" (In other words, I don't stop and back track when I make that top circle in the G. Cursive. Make sense?

busyizzi said...

I'm with you on the script "L", Heidi! My middle initial is L, and I've always enjoyed writing that letter.

When I was in HS, I had a friend who was a triple-L. That was really fun to write in a single pen stroke!! Earlier this year she designed a cool "Live, Laugh, Love" design that incorporated our triple-L from the old days.