Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 12 of 12

At work on time. Woohoo!
Breakfast of muffins...I think I need to do a layout dedicated to these things. They tend to show up in my 12 of 12 often...

It's roll up the rim time! No luck...but the latte was good.
The funny thing this year was McDonalds was giving away FREE coffee for the whole duration of Roll-up The Rim. I have a few coworkers who get coffee at Tim Hortons or McDonalds every morning...McD's got their business for those two weeks. Personally, I like the chance of winning.

And more coffee. This one is in the green mugs that this office has had for YEARS.
I'm working on ripping all my cd's to my laptop. As I finish them, I'm lining them up in the hallway so I can keep track of what I've done and what I still have to do. So far I'm up to 11GB of music!
The requisite self portrait. It's Friday, I wore a denim skirt to work :)
The sun came out and made the purple flowers lining the walk way to my building more vibrant. I love spring :)
Tonight was Meredith's birthday celebration. We started the evening at a local Mexican restaurant and then went back to her parents place.
Treats on the table.
Mere's friends Julie (left) and Amy brought out the ice cream cake.

Make a wish!

The cake. Love the red high heels!

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