Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That bad?

File this one under "things I shouldn't admit but blog about anyways" :P

I cleaned my car last week. The inside anyways. I was at my parents house doing laundry and it was a nice day so I hauled out the vacuum cleaner and sucked up all the dirt and gravel that gets in my car over winter, and all the other gunk that accumulates. Then I got a wet rag and dusted/wiped down the whole interior. Apparently I don't do this often enough because ever since, I've been getting in the car and feeling like it's not mine!!! It doesn't feel right because it's CLEAN. How sad is that?!?! I was hoping to wash the outside in the next few days (if it doesn't rain too much) but now I'm re-thinking it...I probably won't recognize it in the parking lot!!! :P

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Veronica said...

LOL. The inside of my car isn't too bad but the outside is appalling. This guy at the petrol station the other day was trying to sell me some polishing spray thingy and did a demo on the door of my car. I now have a very clean door on a very dirty car! Before he cleaned that door, the dirt wasn't quite so obvious. And the alloys on my tyres are SHOCKING - the should be a silver colour but they're BLACK.
(No, I didn't buy the spray, but I'm starting to think I should....only thing holding me back is that I know I probably won't use it LOL)