Sunday, March 21, 2010

Olympics #4 - GOLD!

Sunday, February 28th I was BACK in downtown Vancouver. This time I picked Shannon up and we just drove down. We got parking a block from the intersection of Robson and Burrard and met up with Marianna, (that's she and I, left. Mar in CA for you SSers) who was visiting from California, and Deb and Jo who were downtown for sushi. We watched the gold medal game on a little screen in the Roots store. You couldn't hear the announcing but the crowd was big enough that you could tell exactly what was going on. When the US scored, the whole street went quiet...and when Canada scored in overtime, it errupted. It was SO neat to be part of such a large crowd for that historic moment.
Shannon pointed out that if she had fainted, she probably wouldn't have fallen since there were so may people around her! After the game we all went for cupcakes and then Shannon and I walked Marianna back to her hotel and watched all the crazies celebrating the win :) Then we hustled back home to watch the closing ceremonies from the comfort of our own homes.

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