Thursday, March 18, 2010

Olympics #2 - Doc Walker in Surrey

This post requires some back story. A few months ago I got a message from Jackie (thephotoalbumlady for the SSers here) asking fi I'd be willing to get a cd for her nephew. It was by a Canadian band and it wasn't available in the States yet. I said sure, found it and shipped it off no problem. I hadn't heard of the band (Mariana's Trench) but I texted my youngest brother Aaron and he had. It was REALLY weird for him to get a text asking about them from his country obsessed sister but he played along.

Fast forward to when the line up for the Surrey Live Site was announced and it turns out that Mariana's Trench and my all time favourite band, Doc Walker were both playing on the same night!!! I immediately texted Aaron to ask if he was interested in going which he was. We were both really looking forward to that night.
Of course as it got closer I heard that Erin and her husband Paul (front row on the left) were coming up and staying with Shannon (front row, second from the right) Terri (front row, right) and Sue (back row, second from the right) were meeting up and so I talked Aaron in to stopping by at Shannon`s before going to the Live Site. We stayed there for awhile and watched the first couple of periods of the Canada vs. Slovakia game and then headed to Boston Pizza for dinner.

After dinner Aaron and I headed over to the Live Site. We arrived while IllScarlett was on stage. We didn`t know they would be playing until a few days before the show and Aaron was super excited. Almost more so than for Mariana`s Trench (I don`t know either band so it didn`t matter to me). We only heard a few songs but we got to meet the band after which he was really happy about.

Mariana's Trench was actually on a different stage during Doc Walkers show. We're not sure what happened with scheduling. We were under the impression that the shows would be off set. Anyways, Aaron ended up chosing to coming to the DW show with me. It was pretty much the same format as last summer, minus the ballads (because they only had an hour) but including drummer Steve Broadhurst`s medly of songs including Kiss's "I Was Made for Loving You" and "Staying Alive" which are a ton of fun.

I am losing track of how many times I`ve seen Doc Walker live now but I don`t care. I love their music and any excuse to se them perform is good enough for me :D

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