Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well, I don't have to add that to the list...

I was thinking a couple of weeks ago that snowmobiling sounds fun and that I should add it to My List. That weekend I had plans to stay with friends of mine who live an hour and a bit away. They called on Thursday night to say that they had been invited by our mutual friends to go snowmobiling on their property on the Saturday and that I was included in that invitation.

It was SO much fun. We weren't out for very long but it was enough to get a good feel for it. The friends who's house we were at live in the country on a couple of acres but they have permission from the people who own the fields that they back on to, to snowmobile in the winter. I rode on the back for the first few times and then even got to drive twice myself! I could definitely see myself owning a snowmobile in the future if I stay in this area. At home we just don't get enough snow to make owning one worth while. Here though, if you can just go out your back door? Totally worth it!

I also tried cross country skiing. Fun but *hard*. I only did it for about 15 minutes but on Monday I was SO sore. I know I don't have any technique so the pain made sense. I can see why it's popular though. It's a very peaceful way to experience the outdoors. Much slower than the snowmobile though ;)

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