Thursday, August 08, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Barrettes

Ornamenting your ‘do with a bevy of colorful day-of-the-week and animal-themed barrettes.

This one should have probably gone first. I wore these barrettes ALL the time. You're going to see them in most of these photos LOL Also, this one features bobbles as a bonus. I love this photo. It was taken on Long Beach on the West Coast of Vancouver Island one summer when my family rented a trailer and went camping. Unfortunately our vacation was interrupted when my mom suffered a miscarriage. I don't have a lot of memories about that trip but the ones I have are very specific. Being on the ferry and having to take the elevator because Mom wasn't feeling well (that was weird. We ALWAYS just took the stairs.) Walking along the beach with Mom and finding these starfish. Being woken up VERY early because we had to drive to the hospital and then having Dad do my hair because Mom was in the hospital. I didn't really know what was going on but I do remember the difficulty he had doing my hair LOL

But yeah, barrettes. I had really fine wispy hair and I almost always had barrettes in my hair. Watch for them :)

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