Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Random 80's stuff

I don't have specific pictures to go with these items but they were some of the things I identified with from the Original List.

24. The simple thrill of the smell of your eraser collection.

I still have most of mine in a box somewhere. Why I'm not sure. They're certainly not good for anything but they were so fun to get. I definitely recognize a few in this picture. 

50. The smell of these things after wearing them all day.

I honestly can't remember if I actually had jelly shoes or not but somehow I do remember that they stunk. Why they keep coming back in style I'll never understand.

37. Your Le Clic camera — which, let’s face it, you only bought because it came in awesome colors.

Yep! Mine was purple. It took a weird format of film too which was a pain because it was hard to find. I loved that camera. 

22. The pure magic of the acid trip for kids that was Lisa Frank.

LOVED Lisa Frank! I collected a lot of things. Erasers as mentioned above, bookmarks, and stickers. Lots of stickers. Lisa Frank stickers were some of my favourites.

14. Using scrunchies as your favorite statement piece, and owning one in every color and print in existence.

I may still have/use scrunchies...but I'm not fessing up here :P

6. The importance of nailing the perfect sideways ponytail.

Yes, the IMPORTANCE, was placing it just right so you didn't get a headache. My hair was so heavy though so even though I loved the look of a sideways ponytail, I rarely wore them. 
There. That's some more random 80s nostalgia for you. I have more posts with pictures of me coming in the future. Stay tuned :)

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