Friday, June 20, 2008

I could get used to this

Last night was Melissa's bachelorette party. We met up at The New Revue Stage on Graville Island in Vancouver for a night of Improv. There were two shows starting with "Raiders of the Lost Improv". A semi scripted stage show that incorporated suggestions from the audience. The story line was "Windy Stones" and various other characters searching for the sacred flamingo. They had to get it before the RHINO's (they made that into an acronym) got it and assembled an army of monkeys. It was really well done.

The second act was "Ultimate Improv Championship". It's described as "Vancouver's most dangerous improv is part wit, part fight club. Every Thursday two blood-thirsty teams of improvisers go head-to-head - each team improvising for 30 minutes nonstop. The audience determines who will be the Ultimate Improv Champion, with the winning team returning the following week to defend their title."

The second team was fantastic. They stuck to one story line for the entire 30 minutes and had me doubled over in laughter.

After the show we headed back to Rachel's (Melissa's future sister-in-law's) where we watched "Never Been Kissed", ate pizza, drank pina coladas and did our nails and stuff. It was a late night but it was really relaxed and fun.

Today I have a work dinner thing to go to. Because it qualifies as work time I was able to come in late this morning. It's kind of nice to just show up whenever you want to :D I could get used to this!

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Emmy said...

What a fun night! Bachelorette parties can be lots of fun. It's been ages since I've been to one.

Glad it was a good time!