Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Looking for the silver lining

I lost my library card. I know it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of thing but it's *weird* because I use my library card ALL the time and I have NO idea where it is (which is why it qualifies as "lost") Anyways, I finally broke down and got a new one. Now I think losing my old one was divine intervention.

Our library has an excellent online system where you can view what you have checked out along with due dates, renew items, search the whole catalog and request books and have them delivered to whichever branch you want to pick them up from. It's very convenient and I use it all the time.

The library also has internet access and I've been using it more and more because it's really convenient, especially on the weekends.

For both of these functions you have to log into the system using your library card number and a pin number. I could not for the life of me memorize my last library card number. I tried, I practiced, I couldn't get it so I finally gave up and just pulled it out of my wallet every time I needed it.

This new card though? I had the number memorized the second time I used it!!! It's very logical with lots of repeating numbers. Having the number memorized is so much more convenient and I now no longer mourn the loss of my old card.

Gotta love the silver lining!


Kaye said...

I miss the library! Our library is in the midst of a MAJOR remodel/renovation, so it's closed. I just want to go browse the books!! Gosh, I hope the library opens soon.

shirley319 said...

I love the whole on-line aspect of the library, too!
I receive emails to notify me if I have an item to pick up or if something is due soon - the library card number is in that email, so I save one of those emails, and just cut and paste.
Glad you were able to memorize your number - very impressive.

agent713 said...

Shirley, that's what I've been doing a lot of the time. Just cut and paste. In fact on my work computer I have the number saved in a note in Outlook. That reminds me. I can go delete that now since I won't be using it any more!