Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Melissa & Jevon

Saturday Melissa and Jevon were married in a simple fun ceremony at Minoru Chapel in Richmond. I drove in with Mike and we found the Chapel relatively easy (there's something about Richmond. I always get lost there. It's very annoying).

Minoru Chapel is very popular for weddings and we saw at least two other brides waiting for their turns. There was also a large graduating class getting their pictures taken in the garden beside the Chapel.
The ceremony was wonderful. It was very simple. Just a brief message by the pastor, the vows, exchanging of the rings and the signing of the registrar. They had a harpist playing and after the ceremony the bells rang out which was a nice touch.

The reception was at the Delf Room in Richmond. They had cream puffs instead of a cake and, since cream puffs need to be kept cold, they actually did the cake "cutting" first! That was different for me but it worked. I've been to so many weddings were the cake was forgotten. This way the kitchen staff had time to serve it and it was enjoyed by everyone when the desserts were put out.

After the cake cutting there were a handful of speeches. Melissa's dad did a wonderful one that had everyone (including himself) in tears. Then Jevon's mom shared some stories and lastly, the maid of honour, Chelsea gave a toast to her friend. After the speeches we had a wonderful buffet dinner and then visited and danced all night. I even caught the boquet (that's the fourth time if anyone's counting)

L-R: Highschool friends forever. Jenna, Heidi, Melissa, Kimberley and Mike.

Three weddings down, one to go, this year.


Michelle said...

I love her dress and the cream puffs look delicious!

Emmy said...

Great pictures!

Are you going to try for 5 bouquets in a few months or stick with 4? LOL

Kaye said...

Wow! What a beautiful chapel. I'm glad y'all had such a nice day.