Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Love is Never-ending

Births, marriages and deaths are arguably the biggest events in many people's lives. In the last three months many of my friends have experienced these milestones.

Three babies have been born to women in my church (and another is due in July).

Three people have passed away. All were older but it doesn't make it any easier. The latest was my dance partner's wife. I'll be going to the service on Friday.

I've been to two weddings so far and I have two more to go to.

I was listening to Brad Paisley's "Time Well Wasted" cd yesterday and I think the words from this song are so appropriate:

Love is Never-ending
Seasons come and seasons go
One day sun, the next day snow
Flowers die and flowers grow
But love is never-ending

You can't kill it with goodbye
It always finds a place to hide
Inside your heart for your whole life
Love is never-ending

(Chorus:)When the lights have all gone down
It'll still be hangin' 'round
Even when you think it's lost, it can still be found
When every memory has been made
And the pages start to fade
And every prayer you ever prayed is heaven bound
When you think the ride is over
You're back at the beginning
Love is never-ending

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