Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Hill Springs Park

Friday while Tim, Robert and Seth were at work Canadace, Mom, the boys and I went to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. The park isn't that far from their house and it's a fantastic spot for young boys to run off some energy.

As the description says "The main attraction is a series of small waterfalls that flow year-round over rocky terraces covered with a lush growth of shrubs and grasses; the park is also the site of an historic fish hatchery and Alberta's first commercial creamery." The creamery foundations are seen above.

The bugs were really bad in the park (as they are in most of Alberta) so we walked quickly. It is so peaceful there. I can see why they enjoy visiting often.

At one point Xander was hiding behind a tree. His brother's didn't see him go back there and when Mom and I were approaching it quietly they thought it was something interesting, like a deer. They were a bit disappointed to learn it was just their brother LOL

When we finished the trail the boys played in one of the shallow streams for awhile. They had fun splashing around and cooling off in the shallow water.

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