Thursday, July 03, 2008

Canada Day "Weekend"

It doesn't really qualify as a "weekend" for me because I worked Monday but it's all kind of a blur so close enough :)

Mom & Dad went to Alberta this weekend so they asked me to stay at the house. Aaron was there but he's still "not making good choices" so they wanted me there too. It helped too because he needed a ride to work on Sunday morning so I was there and able to take him.

Sunday after church I came back to my place and hid in my apartment to escape the heat. It was GORGEOUS all weekend but I can only handle so much sun. I'm really focusing right now on completing my Philadelphia 2006 album and I'm almost there. In order to complete this album I've been doing a lot of research about the American Revolution and different events that happened in Philadelphia. It's fascinating. Not exactly "Canada Day"-ish but interesting.

Monday I worked and then I came home and completed a few pages in my album.

Tuesday was Canada Day and Meredith and I went to our local parade. It was fun and of course I have another pretty burn to show for it. (Some day I WILL learn to wear sunscreen) After the parade I went back home but on the way I had an...incident. I briefly mentioned back in March that I had dropped a toonie (Canadian two dollar coin) in my steering wheel. For the most part it's not a big deal. It rattles around and sometimes it connects with my horn randomly which is annoying. For the last few months it hasn't even really been moving but last week it came unstuck again. Tuesday it connected with my horn and I could. not. get it off. So I'm driving around with my horn blaring. Luckily I was close to home but talk about nerve wracking!

Dad drove home from Calgary that evening and as soon as I got home, I took my car to him. When I dropped the coin originally he said he might be able to get it out but he never got a chance to look at it. Tuesday I got there and told him that I was actually afraid to drive my car so something had to be done. He worked on it for awhile. Took out some screws, which did nothing. Moved it around and then finally pulled out this nifty pen shaped magnet that he has. We managed to pry the steering wheel open enough and he pulled the coin out!!! I didn't realize how bad it was to have it in there until he took it out and I almost cried. Sad but it's pathetic to be afraid to drive your car. Anyways, everytime I see him now I tell him he's my hero :)

So after the toonie incident I went back to Exhibition Park and watched the end of Canadian Idol finalist Greg Neufeld's concert and then the fireworks.

So that was my Canada Day "weekend".

This weekend we have the BerryBeat Festival and Sunday I'm off to Alberta to visit family. I'll report on that trip when I get back after July 14th.

Happy Summer!


Traci said...

Happy belated Canada Day!

Veronica said...

Glad to hear that coin is out of there.

Happy belated Canada Day...enjoy your trip to Alberta