Monday, July 21, 2008

We inturupt the vacation re-cap

for a weekend re-cap!

Thursday evening I had dinner at Mom and Dad's and then the four of us (including Brandin) went and saw WALL-E. Cute movie. Really, really well done on the techincal side. I laughed out loud a few times. It did get a bit slow at times and I'm not in a hurry to see it again but it was enjoyable.

Friday Mom, Brandin and I went raspberry picking. I picked six pounds in an hour. I froze most of them but I do have a bucket sitting on my counter that I've been adding to salad and my cereal. Brandin and I also washed my car that evening. It needed it after driving all the way to Alberta.

Saturday was a quiet low key day. I had a "to-do" list of chores and tasks that I wanted to accomplish and I got most of them done. Saturday also marked the fifth anniversary of our local Farmers' Market. I was involved in the launch in it's first year. I created and updated weekly the "What's at the Market this week" newsletter flyer that they still use. Lots of the original partners were there and they had speeches and a cake and we all celebrated five years since the very first market day.

Saturday evening as I was leaving my building to meet Mom, Dad and Brandin for a picnic I stepped funny, twisted my ankle and fell down. I ripped a bunch of skin off my knee and jarred my arm and my head. I didn't hit my head but I had to go back inside to wipe the blood off my knee. When I got inside I had to lay down for a bit until the room stopped spinning. Now my whole body is sore and I'm nursing a wound on my knee that is three inches long and two inches wide. Not fun. :( I did manage to make it to the picnic (after Dr. Mom bandaged me up) and we had a nice time.

Sunday after church Mom, Dad and Brandin went to Vancouver. I stayed in town and joined friends of mine for lunch. Then I picked Aaron up from work, stopped at Wal-mart for my own medical supplies (big bandages, gauze, polysporin etc.), raced home and made a quick salad and headed out for a bar-b-que with my Northern Reflections collegues. It was great to be able to spend time with them without customers around. They were joined by their husbands/boyfriends and kids as well so it was a big loud party.

Tonight (Monday) is our wrap-up dinner for the BerryBeat Festival which I'm really looking forward to.

There, life goes on. Back to your regularly scheduled programming now :)


Veronica said...

OMG - you tripped again? Remember you did that when we were at Deeb's house? And *I* thought I was clumsy ;)

Mmmmm, raspberries. Did you know that we grow them in out backyard? Of course, no at this time of year :)

agent713 said...

Ack! I had forgotten about that! This fall was just as spectacular except my ankle doesn't hurt and I lost way more skin. Thanks for the reminder that my lack of coordination isn't recent :P

Mmm are they the same as North American Raspberries? My Grandpa grows them too but it's hardly worth picking them because there are SO many bugs that attack you when you go out there :(

Midnite Scrapper said...

Sorry to hear that you fell like that...I am prone to taking big spills once in a while too...ugh. The berries sound great though. My mouth is watering for some now!

shirley319 said...

Another Mmmmmm on the raspberries.
My MIL has bushes / brambles in her backyard. We picked them when we visited - I need to tell her to freeze her bounty crop.