Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Friday night we all went for dinner at Red Lobster. We don't have Red Lobster at home but we still get the ads on tv (figure that one out) Anyways, it's a bit of a running joke between Mom and Robert that when they see the ads they both start salivating. Dad's allergic to all shellfish so he would never want to go. But, because he wasn't there, we could go without a problem. The food was just as good as the ads make it out to be. We had a big round table near the back that was perfect for our group. At one point the boys (Seth, Robert, Tim and Xander) started making spit balls. See the guy behind Seth? Tim was aiming at Seth and ended up nailing that guy right in the temple! The thing was, Xander was standing beside Tim when he did it, and just as Tim's spitball landed on the guy, Seth hit Xander! So of course Xander started crying, which made the guy think that Xander had hit him! And Tim let Xander take the fall!!! The guy was laughing and so were we (it actually took most of the meal to figure out exactly what happened) and as completley immature as it was, it was funny :)

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