Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Down to Single Digits!

Only nine days till Texas!!! I'm just about ready to start counting the hours left of work (56 for anyone who cares) I am *so* ready for a vacation. The emails and PM's are flying fast and furious. I'm getting to know Texas via "Google Maps" and my file of "must bring" papers is growing. Here's what I've done since my last update.

- Submitted my taxes and received my return. Now I actually have spending money!
- Booked a car, which turned out to be MUCH cheaper then I originally anticpated
- Signed up for BCAA (aka AAA) Got travel insurance. Got a road map for Texas and a VERY thick guide book.
- Figured out where I'm staying in San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth and when I'll be in each place and mostly with whom.
- Picked up a suitcase from Mom & Dad

Currently I'm working on:
- Maps and Directions for each of the places I'll be staying. I {heart} Google Maps.
- Deciding what to pack clothes wise
- Started an "other things" packing list

So, things are going well. I am BEYOND excited. :D


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Veronica in Aus said...

and I am beyond jealous ;)