Friday, March 23, 2007

Yellow Star!

I’ve been bitten by the ebay bug. Nothing major but I recently earned a “yellow star” meaning I’ve received feedback ten times. I’ve been working on completing my Kenny Chesney cd collection. Get this though. This is what I paid for them:
$11.66 Touchdown Tennessee
$6.41 I Will Stand
$8.36 No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems
$5.20 Greatest Hits
$14.19 Me & You

So that’s $46.80 including shipping for five cd’s. Some of which aren’t readily available in the stores anymore.

My collection is complete aside from “When the Sun Goes Down”. The problem is there is a limited edition Target version that has five extra tracks (on top of the three live tracks on the regular bonus version). I want that special one but I’ve seen it go for as much as $50!!!

Anyways, I’m quite enjoying my foray into the world of online bidding. It makes for good mail days too :)


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