Thursday, March 15, 2007

The "Heidi Show" is back on air

Well, sort of. It's taken me awhile to get over the fact that Doug left but lately I've been communicating with the radio DJ's again. I called Steve (the new morning guy) earlier in the week because he had mentioned that Shane Yellowbird (a new artist from Alberta) might be making his way down to the Valley. I was calling to see if there was any confirmation. Steve said not at this point but there might be something in the works. We chatted for a bit and he asked for my name. When I told it to him he said "oh yeah, you were the one that came into the studio!" "Yep, that was me!" LOL

Steve was the afternoon guy but since taking over the morning show, he's been replaced by Curtis in the afternoon. I called Curtis last week to welcome him back to the valley and to ask a question about the Country Club. It's a new thing they've launched for listeners. You listen at 7:40 every morning (and other times during the day) and find out who the artist of the day is. Then you log on to their website, punch it in and you get points. With your points you can enter to win prizes or accumulate a bunch and actually buy merchandise. Right now I'm working towards the Barbara Mandrell Tribute Album. It's been on my wishlist for months and if I can get it for free, even better!

One of the other things they have available is tickets to the premier of a movie called "Sharp as Marbles" starring Canadian Country Artist Adam Gregory. You may remember me seeing Adam in concert last July when he opened for Leann Rimes. Coincidently a show that I won tickets for through this station. Anyways, I picked up my tickets to the show yesterday. Curtis was there and although I didn't immediately recognize him (it is radio after all). I caught on pretty quickly and made a point of introducing myself. Now he'll know who I am when I harass him too LOL

Tomorrow night Meredith and I are going in for the movie. It's not a block buster or anything. I expect something fairly low budget but Adam says it's supposed to be funny (he was on air with Steve this morning) and he'll actually be there so maybe I'll get to say "hi" to him too!


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