Monday, March 05, 2007

I hate nagging

I *hate* nagging. Hate it. But sometimes it's the only thing that works. Seth and I both have a pretty relaxed approach to "housekeeping". We both leave things laying around, let the dishes pile up etc. Well I can't TELL you the last time he's actually done dishes. Finally yesterday I got on his case. He KNOWS it's his turn and they were getting pretty bad because neither of us had really been home. He was just laying on the couch though so I finally convinced him to get up. Strangley it was a bribe of licorice that actually got him off the couch. Anyways, the great thing about him starting was that he kept going. He washed the dishes (I will probably have to put them away but that's okay), he cleaned up a bunch of newspapers, he took the recycling and the garbage outside and did some other general clutter clean up. See? He CAN clean, he just doesn't do it very often.

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