Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Dude I don't USE raisins!"

Tuesday we had a goodie day at work. Everyone brought an appetizer and dessert (or both). I had Monday night off so I made some butterscotch brownies and buffalo chicken dip. As I was doing dishes I realized I still had time to make more so I whipped up a loaf of banana bread and I threw in chocolate chips like I always do.

There were lots of leftovers and my co-worker was eating a piece of banana bread yesterday. He said "There's chocolate chips in this! You're supposed to use raisins". Uh, no. No thank you. Raisins are the one thing that I DON'T like. My mom used to make bran muffins and she'd make half the batch with raisins for my dad.

When we went trick-or-treating at Halloween we'd come home and go through our candy. The first thing we'd do was remove all the boxes of raisins and give them to my dad. Of course he'd still try and get chocolate and candy from us but he knew the raisins were definitely his.

So, no raisins. Especially in my banana bread!!!

But craisins? Bring them on! Not in my bread though. Just on a salad or straight.

~Heidi...not a raisin fan...


Martha said...

Yep, chocolate chips in banana bread make it the ultimate in delish. Oh, unless of course, you warm up your slice of bread and use a schmear of cream cheese on the slice: that is the ULTIMATE.

Do tell: what is the chicken appetizer you mentioned? Share the recipe as it too sounds yummy! Unless it is in the SS cookbook, then just say so as I have it (and have loved every recipe I've tried thus far!)

Anonymous said...

Hey! There's another thing that we can add to our very short list of things that we're not opposite in! Raisons....YUCK!

Anonymous said...

That was Meredith by the way...I forget that I don'thave a profile so you don't see my name! xo Miss you!