Saturday, December 01, 2007

Quitting My Day Job?

A few days ago, in response to this post Veronica asked:
Looks like a new career is looming for you :) Do you like this job more than
your day job? Could you see yourself giving up your day job to become an assistant manager (or a manager)?

I wrote the following response right away but I've waited to post it until I had worked another shift. My original response:
Actually no. Well, maybe it will be different with the assistant manager gone. I can honestly say that I have had FUN for the past two days. That said, this job REALLY makes me appreciate my day job. It's not just the fact that I make half the amount of money at the store, but there's a certain sense of futility with chasing the almighty dollar. Also, and again, this could just be my ex-assistant manager, there's desparation in retail that I don't feel in the corporate world. A desparation to get hours and hit sales goals and always, always making sure you are staying on track because head office could drop by any day.

I don't think I could do retail full time. I'd either go nuts or get caught up in that rat race. Honestly, part of what is keeping me sane with that job is

1. knowing that it ISN'T what pays my rent and if I don't get as many hours next week, I won't starve.

2. knowing that I CAN quit at any time (for the reasons in #1) and that I am in control of the situation. I am working there by CHOICE. It's a really nice position to be in. One I wouldn't have if I quit my day job.

We'll see how it goes with the new staff set up. Maybe I'll change my mind. I kind of doubt it though. Oh, and I've been thinking about the offer, of becoming a key holder? I'm going to tell her that I'm willing to learn how to open and close but I'm not interested in full day shifts, especially on Sunday's. That's kind of what she's looking for. Someone who can do the 10-5:30 (9:30-6) shift. That's not me. I already work five full days a week thankyouverymuch. Four hour shifts here and there are more than enough.

It's been interesting though and I am glad that I'm trying it out...on my terms.

I had my first six hour shift today and even though we had fun, my observations from above still stand. I have been doing really well with sales lately. Today there were snow flurries so there weren't all that many people in and my sales sucked. Big time. I was at about half of what my goal was, and only after I processed two transactions AFTER I was supposed to be off.

I'm enjoying myself but I'm not ready to give up my day job just yet. I'll keep you posted.


PS I did tell her that I'm willing to train as a key holder but not for full Sunday's she seemed happy with that.

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Veronica in Aus said...

Cool - well at least it is giving you the opportunity to know what you don't like :)

I mostly wondered because I knew your office job was getting you down.

I too preferred the 4 hour shifts when I worked as a waitress while at University (however, because I was reliable and they liked me, I was given way more shifts than I wanted and often had to close).