Friday, November 30, 2007

Mint Cookies!

Lately I've had a craving for chocolate mint cookies. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the Girl Guide cookies I polished off? Anyways it took me three shopping trips to find mint extract (my grocery store was out but I found it at another one) and I even bought green food colouring. Actually I bought a whole box of food colouring. It's Christmas. You never know when you need food colouring.

So I had the food colouring and the extract. Next I needed a recipe. I checked all my cookbooks. Nothing. I searched online. Nothing inspiring. I mentioned it to my mom. She didn't know of any off the top of her head but she said she'd keep her eyes opened.

Re-wind a few weeks to when I had a craving for cherry chip almond muffins. Mom is a subscriber to Taste of Home's "Cooking for 2". I had flipped through one of her issues and saw this recipe. I didn't write it down and then when I wanted to make it, I couldn't find it online. Within our conversation I ended up signing up for the Taste of Home "Light Desserts" email blast. I've gotten a handful of recipes so far and none of them have been appealing. On Wednesday I was actually considering unsubscribing because it was just email clutter.

Yesterday I got the email from ToH and it was a recipe for "Chocolate Mint Whoopie Pies" I admit I'm not totally sure what a Whoopie Pie is but they looked good so, on the way home I stopped by the grocery store and picked up cocoa powder. When I got home I checked my email and Mom had forwarded me the recipe!

Long story short? Last night I finally made choclate mint cookies :) They're really good too. The second batch is bigger than the first batch because I wasn't sure how much they'd spread so I didn't flatten them very much. I have a bunch of icing left over too so I may make another batch of cookies today. Aren't they pretty though?


Emmy said...

I'm borrowing this recipe! I'm supposed to do Christmas cookie baking next Saturday and I have been clueless on what to make. I will definitely be making these.
Thanks for the idea :) Got any others?

tosin said...

I am doing a cookie swap next week also. These sound (and look) yummy. I'm going to give them a try.

agent713 said...

BTW I did make a second batch and I used brown sugar. They are definitely softer so I would recommend that.