Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm trying to complete my collection

My company was started in 1915. The current Bylaws were written in 1963. Why then can I not find copies from before 2000??? That's 37 years of missing Bylaws. I realize they don't apply any more but for historical "the way we were" purposes, they're good to have.

I really want to read the ones from 1997. It's been driving me NUTS that I can't find these stupid papers. I've looked all over my office (the logical place for this kind of information to be stored) in the storage room, down in the cold scary storage bin and hassled accounting for them.

I finally broke down and emailed our lawyer. He only has Bylaws from 1993 and some undated ones. ARRGH!

I gave up on ever finding them after putting out the broadcast to all my co-workers so it could drive them nuts too.

BINGO! Accounting found the 1997 ones. Sweet! Is it sad that I was so excited to read them? They contained exactly what I was looking for too.

Now I want to complete my collection though. 1963 and up. Think ebay would have them? LOL

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