Thursday, November 29, 2007


I was commenting to my boss yesterday about how cold my bedroom is. On my bed I currently have my sheets, two comforters, a fleece blanket and another fleecy blanket. Plus I've taken to wearing socks and sweat pants to bed to keep me warm. She was making all sorts of helpful suggestions like getting an electric blanket or thicker blinds for my window that actually keep the heat in. The second suggestion was because I told her that I knew the reason I was cold is because my bed is right under the window which is really thin.

Last night I figured out a better way to stay warm. Better than extra clothes or blankets. JUST TURN THE HEAT UP! Duh! Sometimes I think my brain is frozen. I have electric heat. The heater was ON but not UP. It wasn't even in the "comfort zone". Last night I turned it up and I was toasty warm. It's rather sad that I had to actually freeze before I decided to turn the heat up. I mean there was snow on the ground. You need heat inside when it's zero outside.


Emmy said...

You can also put some plastic over the window to help with the draft.

I'd do that here but it'd be a toy for some furry people that live here.

Martha said...

I've been on my own for a lot longer than you, and a few weeks ago, I too kept putting on layer after layer. It wasn't until my Hubby said something that we realized the furnace was acting wonky. So, don't beat yourself up too much over it all.

Another secret: double check all the vents. Sometimes, for reasons still a mystery to me, they end up closing and no heat goes into the desired area. Would never happen to ME, I'm just sayin'...right!