Sunday, November 18, 2007

I feel left out

As I mentioned, Mom is in Alberta this weekend for my cousins wedding. I talked to the boys yesterday and they were on their way up to Grandpa's to join the family. They didn't go to the wedding but they will get to see everyone.

As an aside they've made it a personal mission to rid the world of all excess VHS. They found a video store that was going out of business and was selling their VHS for a buck a piece. Between the two boys they walked out of there with ONE HUNDRED videos!!! Psychos. Seth has at least 50 here already. Crazy.

Anyways, so Mom is in Alberta, the boys are joining her and this morning I took Dad to the airport. Turns out he's going there for a business trip too. He called this afternoon and he had arrived safely. He was at Grandpa's with Mom, the boys and at least three of my aunts, uncles and their families.

I feel left out.

I'm here and technically responsible for Aaron but I work today from 3:30-7:30 and I have dance tomorrow night so I won't see him very much anyways...aside from the fact that he's apparently sleeping here.

I want to see family though!

Next year. That's the plan. I'm going next summer no matter what.


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