Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Too much like my dad

I figured out what my biggest problem is. I'm way too much like my dad. That's why I don't do well with Aaron around. I worry too much.

The day we took Meredith to the airport I was updating her parents on my brothers and their big move. Her mom kept asking "Well, what does your mom think? Is she okay with them moving so far away? Doesn't she worry?" During the course of our conversation I realized that in their family, the roles are reversed. Mrs. K is the worrier. In my family, my dad is the worrier. He gets it from his mom. She was the queen of worrying. Down to the end. She didn't want to die because she was worried about her family. (I think she'd be pretty happy with how we turned out but I know she'd prefer to be her to worry about us herself)

I get that from my dad. If I stop and just breathe I can be like my mom who does worry but doesn't show it or let it affect her mood. My inclination is to get all worked up about stuff though. To the point that it can keep me from sleeping at night. Just like Dad.

The good news is that I did get some great traits from my dad too. Things that have served me well in business and in life. Not the worrying part though. That's never good.


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