Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally this information in my head is useful!

I love maps. Always have. I find geography fascinating. My mom has a puzzle of the USA. Each piece is shaped like a state and they all lock together (except for New England. There are a few states on each piece up there) I can put that map together pretty fast. Basic knowledge of where which states are in relation to others is good to have. Today it was very useful.

My co-worker and I had to compare two lists. Her's was organized by name, mine was organized by ZIP CODE. Not state. Not city. Zip Code. Luckily I know that zip codes start in the North East and run down the coast and then across the country. It took most of the afternoon and gave us a lot of laughs but man, my basic knowledge of geography, and state abbreviations for that matter, definitely came in handy.

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Kaesmom said...

Good for you, Heidi! Be proud of that knowledge. It's better than what most American's can do.

And yes, most Americans are NOT aware that there's a system to the Zip Code numbering. :(