Monday, November 26, 2007

Yes I've seen an LP before

My boss is nine years older than me. A bonna fide child of the eighties. It bothers her to no end that I don't recognize certain artists who she loved. And that I've never actually seen any episode of "Miami Vice". Don Johnson is was...and still is...her teen idol.

She's moving right now and while she was unpacking boxes she found a stack of records and brought them in to the office to show me.

- Platinum Blonde (her all time favourite, that was a 45)
- George Michael
- U2 - Joshua Tree
- Brian Adams - Reckless
- Paula Abdul
- Whitney Houston

and a few more. Now, contrary to popular belief, aside from Platinum Blonde, I've heard of all of those artists. I could probably even name a song by each of them (except George Michael) There are other groups that I couldn't say the same thing about though. Glass Tiger anyone?!?!

Anyways, I have seen and played LP's. We even used to have a record player. The only record I actually remember was the Golden Book "The Happy Man and His Dump Truck" Seth especially would listen to that record over and over and over.

It was cool to see the LP's though. A little slice of history ;) What was your favourite? Do you still have it?


Sherilyn said...

I was not much of an album collector, although I was allowed to use my brother Robert's super expensive stereo system as long as I carefully cleaned my record each time. The three I remember? Donna Summer, Grease, and a Shawn Cassidy album that came with a poster. Oh, and some 70's disco mix album that had Peaches and Herb and Gloria Gaynor on it. I listened to a few albums of my two brothers who were around at that time: Yellow Brick Road, Dark Side of the Moon, and a Billy Squire album come to mind.

In one of our closets we have three boxes of very cool 70's albums ala DH's high school years. Awesome covers...Queen, The Stones, lots of Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Eagles, Santana, etc. Someday I will frame and display some of those classic covers. They really are pretty awesome.

LvHmBirth said...

My brother owned more LPs than I did, but some of the covers were really captivating to me. Because of him, I got my first taste of ABBA, the Thompson Twins, and Queen. I still remember Billy Joel's Piano Man LP, though, that freaked me out when I was little. I think the first ones that I owned were The Bee Gees Gold, and Michael Jackson's Thriller. But my favorite LP cover? Rush's Exit ... Stage Left.

Martha said...

I've been musically imparied for most of my while I remember albums, I can't really say I was a collector. That would have been my sister! The soundtrack from Grease was a favorite and beyond that...well, whatever was on the radio was fine by me.

Speaking of which, it was "80s" weekend on the radio this weekend, and with a couple songs I found myself remembering a lot of fun I had listening to those tunes. What songs they were, I've already forgotten, but yep, lots of memories from that era.

Terri said...

I still have my small collection. One of these days I'm going to figure how to download music so I can listen to them again(since I no longer have a record player). My favourite? The Beatles Red and Blue albums, 2 double sets of all their greatest hits. The most fun? Anything from the disco era.

Hokie Gal said...

I have all of my LPs, and my 45s as well! Some of my favorites - AC/DC, Grease, Bruce Springsteen, Saturday Night Fever.