Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, those guys did that but the other guys didn't like it...

I generally watch two football games a year. The CFL Grey Cup and the NFL Superbowl. Today was the Grey Cup. Traditionally the Grey Cup is when I start making my Christmas cards. I'm having a Stampin' Up class on Tuesday though so instead of making a mess, I cleaned mine up.

I talked to Robert during the third, they're called quarters. Sorry. Anyways, I told him I missed him. He usually watches the games with me and explains everything. I told him I needed him there to explain the difference between turn overs and pop tarts :)

He and Seth had driven up to Edmonton to see Dad and watch the game at my Uncle Doug's house. They left early so Robert asked me to keep him up to date on the score. I told him "well, the guys in green scored because the other guys tried to knock him down but they didn't get to him soon enough" That made him laugh and say "I like your commentary" :)

Now I'm watching hockey. A sport I actually care about!


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Veronica in Aus said...

I'd know even less about that kind of if it was Aussie Rules, I'm your gal!! ;)