Monday, November 26, 2007

Snow ja vu?

I guess it's good that I keep a blog. One year and one day ago I posted this It's Snowing!

I could basically write that word for word again tonight (minus the bit about my dad). It's snowing again. What's with the end of November anyways?!?! They predicted it this morning. It was a cold grey the-street-lights-never-turned-off kind of day. It was POURING when I drove home. Now it's SNOWING. SNOW!

I shouldn't be so surprised but, contrary to what you read, we don't actually get that much snow here. Or we never used to at least. I don't expect this to stick around very long but it IS sticking right now.

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Veronica in Aus said...

Hey - it snowed about this time 2 years ago too. Perhaps it is in memory of my visit? ;)Wish I was know how much I love snow :)