Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snow-more snow

Well, in true SW BC fashion, the snow is mostly melted. Good thing! I was getting nervous :)

I have to share this email. As previously mentioned Dad in in Alberta for work for two weeks. He doesn't want to run up his long distance bill on his cell phone so he's taken to emailing Mom from the library on his way home from work. He's cc'd me now too. This is yesterday's message:
Hi Hon, I have forgotten how cold this place can get, I left for work this morn, after a shower and breakfast, and just about froze my wet hair to my skull. We have a high of about -15. Whooppee!! You can have it. Everybody was teasing me about how wet B.C. is, well it is dry here, I'll grant them that, but no-one told me about being it being freeze-dried!! The wind is COLD. Oh well, 3 more sleeps and I'm outtahere. Mind you, I hear home is +3 with possible snow, maybe we should consider Arizona. Anyway, doing allright, talk to you soon...Love Ted.
It just makes me giggle every time I read it!

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