Monday, November 19, 2007

That scared me

Okay, I'm all super freaky ready for Christmas and stuff but I am SO not ready for the cold weather that accompanies it. This morning the weather man said it was minus one. MINUS?!?! Nooooo. Made getting dressed easy though. Warm fuzzy sweater? Check. Nice tall fuzzy boots? Check. Cute not so fuzzy skirt? Check...hey, I've still got to look good LOL

Hey V, I just realized that my store sells fleece lined jeans for you. I'd like you to know that I use you as an example on a regular basis "When my friend from Australia was here, she wore those the whole time!" LOL Not that Canadians don't wear fleece lined jeans. It's more that those of us in the lower mainland don't usually bother.

Unless it's minus one.



Sherilyn said...

Apparently y'all are getting ready to send some of that cold weather down here. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 85 freaking degrees. 85!(sorry, I know you do celsius...let's see, that is 29.4 degrees for the rest of the world...)

Thursday we should have a high around 13.9 celsius. That's more like it. We don't do negatives down here. If it hits 0 celsius, we can barely cope with the prospect and even then, it only ususally gets that cold at night.

But 85...errr, excuse me, 29.4 degrees? On Nov. 19th? That's just criminal. Bring on the sweater weather....I'm tired of wearing the same tee shirts day after day, month after month....

agent713 said...

Holy cr@p! That is HOT. How come it wasn't hot like that when I was down in April?

So, do y'all have sparkly snowman emblazoned tank tops?!?! LOL

Veronica in Aus said...

I'll have to tell you, those flannel lined jeans still look like new - they haven't had much wear Down Under (it just rarely gets cold enough for me to wear them) I did love them for my trip though - especially in WI