Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reason #2

When I don't blog for a few days it's usually for one of two reasons.
1. Nothing has happened
2. Something has happend
It's rarely the first one because if nothing is happening I can usually find something inane to blog about [[i'll wait while my loyal readers nod in agreement]] If something has happened and I haven't blogged it's usually because I don't know how to word it or I'm waiting for a resolution of some sort. This time something happened on Wednesday and I got my resolution tonight so I'm ready to blog.

I worked at the store on Wednesday. I had read on the schedule that I was supposed to do "calls". We have a big sale coming up this weekend (30% off on everything in the store Friday and Saturday) I knew I was down for "calls" but I didn't know what that entailed or what I'd be doing. I got to work on Wednesday and our assistant manager was in. I asked her what I should do and mentioned the call thing. She didn't know what that meant, what script I should use or where the phone numbers were. We placed a quick call to our manager, no answer. Fine. I kept busy doing regular stuff. Helping customers. Straightening the store, etc.

Our manager called at about 8:30 (the mall closes at 9). When she found out I hadn't been doing the calls she was LIVID. I passed the call to my assistant manager though because I take direction from her. After the call we managed to find the phone number list but we still didn't have the script so we didn't bother.

This whole thing made me really nervous. Through no fault of my own (other than I suppose I COULD have looked harder for the info I needed) I hadn't done my job. Tonight (Friday) I was "on call" during this sale. I actually took the day off from my day job (that's another story all together). I got up at my regular time and went and got my brakes done (another story). Then I went to Mom's and had breakfast and then Christmas shopping with Jenna. I did stop in at the store to check my schedule for next week. I work tomorrow (Saturday) as scheduled and then NOTHING until next Saturday.

That was weird and made me even more nervous. "No hours? Did I screw up that bad? Is this punishment?" And on and on. The manager wasn't in so I couldn't talk to her. Around 2pm I got a call from the manager saying "yes I need you tonight" (I had been instructed to call closer to 3:30 to find out.) So tonight I went in, nervous but knowing that it really wasn't my fault that I hadn't done my job.

Within a few minutes of my shift starting I found out that the assistant manager had been let go. No comment on Wednesday whatsoever other than "we did get all the calls made".

Phew. I'm safe.

This isn't a huge surprise. I liked our assistant manager well enough but she didn't like working at the store and she had an incredibly negative attitude. The Wednesday thing wasn't want got her fired but it probably was "the straw that broke the camels back" so to speak. My boss's exact words were "we're moving forward". Works for me!

She then told me that she might be looking to train me as a closer and a key holder. We discussed this in my initial interview and it looks like it may be time. She wants me to think about it.

We also had a stellar night tonight. Again, we're not commission but our sales are tracked to encourage performance. We have some contests going on right now. I forget the details but I won BOTH of todays!!! That means I get two $10 gift certificates for product. Sweet!!! Now to decide what to buy :)

So there you go. That's what's been going on in my life. When I took this job I said I wanted to experience retail and by golly I am!!!!


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Veronica in Aus said...

Looks like a new career is looming for you :) Do you like this job more than your day job? Could you see yourself giving up your day job to become an assistant manager (or a manager)?