Monday, November 19, 2007

How do they do it?

I was tired last night. We did another mini layout in the store which means we only switched half of it around. It was a lot of climbing ladders and lifting and hanging product though. By the time I got off around eight I was exausted.

Because Mom and Dad are both gone, Aaron is supposed to be staying with me. I talked to him after church and he said he'd either stop by the store in the afternoon (since he hangs out at the mall anyways) or call me. I got off at eight and I hadn't heard from him. HE doesn't have a cell phone so I couldn't call him. I stopped at my place just in case he was there. He wasn't. Then I drove over to Mom and Dad's. He wasn't there.

I called Grandpa's (gotta use their phone. They have cheap long distance LOL) Aaron arrived while I was on the phone with Mom. He's lucky. I would NOT have been happy if I had to chase him all over creation. Especially since I was tired.

I don't know how my parents do it. I'm half their age and he exhausts me. Remind me again why I think I want children???


PS Once I found him, I brought him back to my place and everything was good. I made cookies and hot chocolate, he played on the computer, read and then we both went to bed. He got up without a fight this morning too. Mom's back tomorrow. She can have him!

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LvHmBirth said...

You're an awesome big sister, though. Hot chocolate and cookies - you rock.