Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rain, rain go away

Actually, you can stay as long as you promise to not turn in to snow. Yesterday was pretty nice. It's almost like nature was appologizing for being so crappy on Monday. There was some sunlight breaking through the clouds yesterday and a pretty pink sunset (which I saw through my office window. The sun get's off before I do. It's not fair LOL) Today it's back to being grey and miserable but at least it's not snowing!!!

Anyways, I'm not actually here to talk about the weather. I have a much more insightful bit of info to share with you. It started with my Stampin' Up class that I held last night. We did a "Stamp-a-Stack". 10 cards for $15 (two each of ten designs). I placed an order too and I'm getting the SU slot punch. You have NO idea how excited I am. I've been coveting that one for years!!! :D

As a thank you for holding the class my demonstrator gave me a personalized day planner. It's really cute and EXACTLY the kind I like. A month at a glance with nice big spaces for writing in. I had actually bought one from Walmart but this one is nicer. This one starts in September 2007 and goes right through to December 2009. My current one started in August 2005 and goes through to December 2007. I've been meaning to switch over since I bought the calendar from Walmart but I hadn't gotten around to it. Last night I wrote my name in the new planner and looked at the nice clean pages and tried to decide what I should transfer over. It's bitter sweet though. I realized I'm not ready to say good by to my old planner yet. It represents over two years of my life.
  • The first entry on August 1, 2005 was the last day that we saw Seth & Tamara together.
  • It also has the retreat I went on in September 2005 which ended up being my last even as a Creative Memories Consultant.
  • It has four Dierks Bentley concerts
  • Both of my trips to Pennsylvania
  • Veronica's Visit
  • Over a dozen SSWA/Darrcie events
  • Countless coffee and dinner dates

and so much more. It's my life! In time it will all get translated to my scrapbook albums. Even if I don't have pictures I copy the details of my daily life into calendar pages so none of it will get lost. Still, that's a lot of living that's happend in two + years.

My new day planner goes to December 2009. I wonder what I'll be looking back on by then!

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Veronica in Aus said...

Well...that gives me until December 2009 to visit again...or maybe for you to travel Down Under? ;)