Monday, November 12, 2007

O Tannenbaum

Last year I had a really hard time with Christmas. I never did get "in to the Christmas spirit". In fact I was pretty much the opposite of that for the whole season. This year, for some reason, I am very excited for Christmas. Maybe it's because I'm working retail. Maybe it's because I didn't get "in to" it last year so I'm ready for it. Whatever is causing it though, I'm not arguing. Even if it is only mid November!!! I bought a tree on Sunday and set it up with lights and what ornaments I have today. BTW, ornament donations are gladly accepted. My tree is only 4 feet tall but it's still kind of bare.

I'm drinking egg nog, baking cookies, listening to all my Christmas cd's and generally just feeling good about the season.
Only 43 days left!


tosin said...

You can only pull this off because you have already had Thanksgiving. My family is rebelling until they've had some turkey.


Martha said...

Yep, another reason to be "grateful" for the the way ya'll celebrate Thanksgiving. "Down here" my family would revolt if I set up any decorations.

And are you serious about taking donations? I'd love to send a care package your way...I remember those early living on my own single days oh so well...:) And thinking I have just the right thing in mind for your tree!
I'll PM you through SS.

Veronica in Aus said...

It's a cute little tree - and I am glad you're feeling the spirit. I am starting to as well....though I good Santa Parade in Vancouver would help on that front ;)

I may just have a decoration or two to send your way :)