Sunday, November 04, 2007

Where have I been?

I'm stealing this blog format from Menjiness.

10/29 Back at dance after basically a month. We don't dance on holidays (Thanksgiving) and if we have a Friday dance there isn't one the following Monday. Because I had to miss 10/15 due to training I haven't been at dance since 10/1! It was nice to be back.

10/30 Dinner with Mom & Dad. I've been craving Mom's lasanga for WEEKS. I brought most of the ingredients and had her walk me through the process of making it so I can try it on my own. I also took most of the leftovers to stock my freezer :D

10/31 Halloween but I got called in to work. Our mall hosts trick-or-treating. My store was out of candy by the time I got there but I still saw lots of little princesses, ninja's and spiderman's (men's?)

11/1 Board meeting in Vancouver. Pretty intense but it went well. We went out for dinner afterwards as one of our members is retiring. Late night but really nice.

11/2 Finished the board meeting. Left the hotel around 1:30. Got back to the office, unloaded and went and got my brakes checked. Dad says he can probably do a lot of the work. God bless Dad.

Took a nap and then went to a "fall party" with friends.

11/3 Worked from 10-2:30. Wednesday I had exactly $0 for sales. Today I hit my goal (whatever it was) by halfway through my shift. Yeah me! My boss was pretty impressed :)

I went grocery shopping after work and then came home for another quick nap before going to bible study.

Tomorrow we have a potluck after church to break in the new kitchen (hopefully we don't actually break it!) Then I have a mandatory, potluck, staff meeting for work. Food, food, food! Tis the season :)


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