Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hello poor neglected blog :(

I appologize for not blogging lately. I was doing so well there! Then I just got busy and blogging fell down the list as a priority. Work has been nuts. It seems to take forever to get anything done lately and I'm not even procrastinating by blogging like normal LOL

I've been pulling quite a few hours at the store too and that is only increasing. I knew it would as we got closer to Christmas but looking at the schedule is kind of scary. I have started the tranining as key holder as well. That means that I'm learning the paperwork to be able to close which means (after Christmas) I could work alone in the store).

The big thing that's been taking my time lately is Christmas parties! I've been to three already and I have more coming. They've all been great. The first one was an industry luncheon for office support staff on Friday afternoon. After lunch we got to go home which was great. Sunday night all the NR staff went to a local Greek restaurant. We laughed and ate and drank and exchanged gifts and, I even got $40 in NR "bucks" to put towards clothes!!!

Tuesday was my day job staff Christmas dinner. Last year we went to a dinner theatre production. It was okay but some people weren't comfortable with joining in so it make it kind of akward. This year we just went to a nice quiet Italian restaurant. My boss picked me up because it's on the way and there's not very much parking at the restaurant. There were only about a dozen of us there and she was down at the other end of the table. I was across from our chairman and his girlfriend and beside some other co-workers. On the way home she turned to me and said "I just want to tell you that you are a very good networker. I've seen you in a few situations now and you do a great job of carrying conversation without being pushy." She used some other very flattering adjectives as well. It was really nice to hear. I thanked her and told her that I am my dad's daughter, because I get a lot of that confidence from him and I had good training at my last job. When I got home I called my mom and told her "Well done Mom and Dad, you done good" :D

So that's my life right now. Work, eat, sleep, party, repeat :) It's good.


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Shelljo said...

I missed you, glad you "touched base!"