Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Snow day!

Sunday morning I got up and puttered around before getting ready for church. Just before I hopped in the shower my dad called. Church had been cancelled due to the snow. (I still showered ;)) I spent the day doing dishes, baking, watching tv, surfing online and making cards.

I was scheduled to work at the store that evening. I had actually been scheduled from 12-4 but on Saturday I switched shifts with one of my co-workers so I could go to church. Around 3 I called the store just to see how they were doing and my boss said they were basically finished doing the layout so if I didn't want to brave the weather (it snowed steadily ALL day) I didn't have to bother coming in. I took her up on that.

I also talked to my boss from my day job. The snow was even heavier north of the river so the office was closed on Monday. She and I still had a conference call to attend though. I didn't want to run the call off my cell phone since we had a lengthy agenda. Instead I packed up Sunday night and went over to my parents house. Mom and I started a round of Scrabble and I pulled out all the old Christmas tapes. "Six White Boomers" by Uncle Tony was the first one out of the box. He recorded that in his basement and the date on the tape is 1991. You can tell it's getting old too...or we just played it a LOT. It sounded pretty good though. Next out was John Denver. Mom got that tape probably around 1996 or so. Not too long ago but I totally fell in love with it. About halfway through the tape and our game, Dad called us downstairs to the tv room because there was a John Denver movie on! I hadn't seen that one before so we watched it through. (Mom also beat me in Scrabble because she spelled "INJURED".

I spent the night at their house. I think that's the first time since I moved out 1.5 years ago. Even last Christmas I slept in my own bed. Monday morning I got up and joined the conference call (which ended up lasting for an hour and forty five minutes) and then started working on the minutes right away.

Monday afternoon I had actually booked off. I'll put that adventure in a separate post.


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