Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow White Boomers

I got a package yesterday. Of course I had to wait until after my 6 hour shift before I could go go the post office but it was there waiting. I opened it right away anticipating what it might be. I was right. Chirstmas ornaments from Veronica! An adorable clear penguin in a top hat and a kangaroo in a Santa suit.

The kangaroo is especially meaningful to me. It was actually the first one I unwrapped and my first thought was "It's my very own snow white boomer!!!" Okay, so it's not "snow white" but seeing it took me right back to my childhood. I've mentioned before that my paternal grandfather was a champion fiddle player. My uncle (my Dad's oldest sister's husband) was/is an avid accordian player. Grandpa and Uncle Tony used to get together all the time to play. They even recorded a few cassetes including a Christmas one. My favourite song off that cassette was about Joey and the Snow White Boomers that came to take him back to his mama. Here's a YouTube video with the original singer . It's the same version they used to do except HEAVY on the fiddle and accordian obviously.

I haven't heard from or about Uncle Tony in many years but I have many fond memories. His hair has always been thin and he used to tease me saying that I had lots and should share with him LOL
I'm going to have to dig that tape out next time I'm at Mom & Dad's.
Not today though. It's snowing like crazy again. Church even got cancelled because it's out on an unplowed country road. I'm enjoying my "snow day" today along with happy memories.
Thanks Veronica!!!

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Veronica in Aus said...

I'm so glad they got there safely - and that they triggered some very special memories :wub: I love Christmas ornaments that have special meaning - and I am honoured that the ones that I sent you are special to you :)

Oh, and in my haste to send them off, I never put a card or anything in there (remember AFTER I had sealed the box...doh!) - and I hadn't even decided on my Christmas card for this there may be more mail from me before Christmas yet ;)