Thursday, September 25, 2008

Food Adventures

Taken from Shirley's Blog

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.

1. Game from an animal that someone in your family killed. My uncle was/is a hunter (he was my uncle, he is a hunter) I've eaten bear, moose and deer that he's shot

2. Ice cream from a dairy farm that makes their ice cream on the premises. Bonus points if you can eat your ice cream and see the herd of cows that it came from. Birchwood Dairies has wonderful ice cream. I'm currently craving their frozen yogurt but I haven't made the time to go out there lately.

3. Wild berries that you find, pick and eat yourself. The blackberries along the river here are awesome. We didn't get any this year but it was mostly because we ran out of time. I did pick raspberries this year but they weren't exactly wild.

4. Something deep-fried that was never meant to be deep-fried. Mars Bars? After fish n' chips? Yeah heartattack!!!

5. Pizza from a NY City pizzeria that's at least 40 years old. Not yet but talk to me in 18 months

6. Bread made from scratch, still warm from the oven. Yep, mom has a bread maker that we've used a few times. We've done rolls and stuff too.

7. Food from a street vendor. Bonus points if you and that vendor don't share a language in common. I'm not a huge fan of street vendor food. I know I've had stuff though. Definitely roasted chesnuts. I can't remember what language he spoke. Probably English.

8. Fish you have caught and cleaned yourself. Yeah but it was kind of cheating. It was an "Outdoors" Trade Show and they had a pool full of fish for the kids. I caught one and we ate it but it's not the same as in the wild.

9. Birthday cake (and frosting!) from scratch. Always. I don't do cake mixes.

10. Salad from someone's garden. Most of the greens I bought this year were from the farmers' market and were all grown locally. They included interesting bits like dandelion leaves too!

11. Homemade salad dressing. Yep, I made this salad last week

12. Baseball park food. Bonus points for a Fenway Frank. Never been to Fenway but I have had a hamburger at Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver.

13. Homebrewed beer. Wow. #13 and we've finally found one I haven't had! I've had micro-brew and homemade wine but not homemade beer.

14. Something baked in an EZ-Bake Oven. My cousin was "baking" with one a few years back. The cake turned out pretty gooey but I swiped some of the icing...

15. Slab bacon from a butcher shop or meat market. I don't really eat bacon so no.

16. Real maple syrup. For sure! Lots of it. Especially yummy on ice cream!

17. Astronaut ice cream (purchased from a gift shop on a school field trip, if possible). Something tells me yes but I can't summon a specific memory.

18. Something you didn't think you would like, but you tried anyway. Aligator. It's just kind of fishy.

19. Yuengling beer. Say what?

20. Mastroianni Brothers bread Never heard of it

21. Bueon Y Sano burrito Nope but I've had some yummy burritos!

22. Guiness draft. Warm, in a pub in the UK somewhere. Guiness draft yes and I discovered I liked it more than the other beers I was trying. I was in a Pub in Victoria though. A city that has a very, very UK feel but it's in Canada.

23. Haggis (not for taste, for bragging rights!) LOL! I would totally eat it for bragging rights if given the chance. So far I haven't had the chance though.

24. Beets Pickeled? With every. freaking. meal. as a kid. I don't mind them but I don't keep them in my fridge.

25. Avocado My weakness. Most "memorable avacado" would be the guacamole at Catina Laredo with Sherilyn. I still dream of that meal.

26. At least 10 different kinds of sushi. Over the years, yes. I still prefer California rolls though.

27. Something you've grown from seed Hmmm I was never responsible for the actual planting part.

28. Something with the head still attached when it was served. Fish. It sounds so nasty when you say it this way though.

29. Crawdads/Crayfish (Bonus points if you caught/cleaned them yourself). Crayfish in might have been catfish. I, I think I did crayfish too.

30. Alcohol that was older than you were. Nah, I'm cheap. I'm not opposed to it though!

So, 21/30? I'm pretty adventurous if I do say so myself!

Now I'm off to find Homebrewed beer, bacon, astronaut ice-cream, Yuengling beer, Mastroianni Brothers bread, a Bueon Y Sano burrito, some Haggis, some seeds to grow into something and Alcohol that is older than I am. Stay tuned for some tipsy blog entries!!!


shirley319 said...

I agree that you have been quite adventuresome. I would love to eat wild game that someone has hunted and ice cream from a dairy - just sounds so fresh.

Passionate Eater said...

I too prefer California rolls. I'd agree you are pretty adventurous though!

Shelljo said...

Heidi, crawdads and crayfish are the same thing, so you covered that one! I just might steal this one for my blog!