Friday, September 26, 2008

"What's up?"

I totally forgot to post this. I went "stateside" last weekend on Saturday afternoon. The original plan was to go hiking but it was POURING rain so we just ended up going out for an early dinner. Anyways, the line at the border was way longer than it should have been in the rain (seriously, where are people going?) and when I finally got up to the wicket the guard took my passport and asked "What's up?" Not "where are you going?" or "Purpose of your trip?" but "What's up?"

Say wha?!?!?

Then he proceeded to ask me "What I was taking down" "Uh...nothing that's not coming back. I have lots of cr@p in my car but it's all coming home with me". He looked in my trunk (which has clothes, lawn chairs, a blanket and other stuff) and said "That's quite an eclectic collection you've got there. Have a nice day!"

Weird, weird, weird. At least he didn't give me a hard time!

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Veronica said...

LOL - never a dull moment crossing that border, huh?