Monday, September 08, 2008

Uggh. Double Uggh and now Triple Uggh.

I don't like politics. I follow them a little bit because you have to to relate to the world but I don't enjoy them. I don't get fired up by them and truthfully, like many Canadians, I could care less.

Everyone in the world knows that the United States is holding it's presidential election in November. It's all encompassing. You can't avoid it. Even in Canada, American politics often get top billing in the media. This happens every four years but some how, with the primaries and conventions and stuff it drags out for over a year. Ugh.

Later in November, British Columbia is going to the polls for municiple elections. It's the other end of the spectrum (small vs. big) but it's probably the one I care about most. This election cycle is every three years and it just happens to coincide with the US election this year. Double uggh.

Now Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister has called a federal election on top of all of this. Talk about a three ring circus!!! The good thing about Canadian federal elections is they're only allowed a lead time of 30-some days so this one will be over and done with by October 14. Still. That's three elections in two months. Triple uggh!!!

And yes, I'll vote in the ones I'm allowed to but I won't like it.

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Nesa said...

you know, i wish they would limit the presidential election time to just a few months and that's it. short, sweet to the point and get on with things already, i don't need nearly a year of mudslinging and saying each side is better than the other and the other side is wrong. I get enough of that at work and it's not politics. LOL