Wednesday, September 24, 2008

She took my shoes!

Last night I went to a PartyLite show. One of the ladies left a bit earlier than the rest of us. I was watching her put her shoes on and thinking "Hey, her's are almost the same as mine!" At the end of the evening I went to get my shoes and I realized that her shoes are almost the same as mine except SHE TOOK MY SHOES! They were the same style of Walmart 725 shoes, only her's were probably a bit newer since they had different stitching on top. Luckily one of her friends was still there and managed to catch the "shoe thief" on her cell phone. She came back and said "normally I wear orthodics so when I put the shoes on and then felt funny I just chalked it up to that".

Anyways I got my shoes back but we all had a good laugh over it :)

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LvHmBirth said...

How funny! We sometimes have people leave the yoga center with the wrong shoes ... or with no shoes ... or more puzzling, with only one shoe. Glad you caught the thief. :-D