Monday, September 22, 2008

Love in any Language

I think I need to add "weddings" as a tag on my blog. Saturday, September 13th I attended my fifth wedding ceremony of 2008. This was was for a family friend, Dan. While I was in highschool this family lived across the street. Their daughter Joanna was is year older than me, Dan is one year younger (between Seth and I) and their twin boys are the same age as Aaron. Us older kids used to walk to and from school together and Dan was like a fourth brother to me. He was always either at our place our we were at his.

In July 1998 Joanna got married (the summer after she graduated) and that started the season of weddings for me. Since then I have attended over two dozen weddings!

The unique thing about this wedding (and Joanna's ten years ago) was that the ceremony was entirely in Romanian. Two hours long and I didn't understand a word of it. BUT, it really didn't matter! Weddings are weddings. Sure I didn't follow word for word what was being said and I missed all the jokes but at the same time, I knew when they were reading scripture, when they were giving "life advice" and when the vows were being taken and I teared up. Not to mention that the music was amazing. The church choir sang a few numbers and a couple of other people shared songs. I didn't get the words but I understood the meaning and it was beautiful.
Seth and Robert and Seth's girlfriend Brittany came out for the weekend (Robert's girlfriend didn't want to skip school). It was just my family at the table for the reception and we had a wonderful time. The food at the reception was amazing and plentiful, which is the Romanian way.
It was nice to see this family again and to see Dan so happy. I love weddings. In any language :)


Martha said...

OMG: can you imagine the smile their babies are gonna have? They both have such a nice, warm natural smile! I take it both bride and groom are Romanian?

agent713 said...

No kidding eh? Yes, they're both Romanian. She's a very recent in they actually filed the marriage license paperwork about six weeks before the wedding so that she could stay in the country.