Thursday, October 23, 2008


Once in awhile Dierks does what he calls "Town Hall Meetings". They're essentially a live chat with Dierks on a webcam addressing the Fan Club members and the FCers throwing questions and comments at warp speed. After the last meeting he did in April, where he unveiled the cover of the Greatest Hits project, he learned that just trying to read questions and answer them randomly doesn't work. This time he had FCers submit questions before hand and one of the staff at EchoMusic read them to him. It was kind of funny watching him answer the questions. Our comments are scrolling like crazy it's really distracting so he tried to ignore them but it's hard! Anyways, one of the questions was "What is the last song you downloaded" and "What are you listening to right now" He said that the last song he downloaded on Itunes was the Alan Jackson song that he will be singing during the "CMT Giants" special on Alan.

In his truck he's listening to cuts off his new album (due in February). When he mentioned the truck I typed "YEAH BIG WHITE!" He read that out loud! And said "Yes, Big White. That's my truck's name" and then he read my screen name "Agent-seven-one-three". I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but he didn't read very many comments out loud and he didn't read anyone else's screen name.

It made me feel special :D


Nesa said...

now I file that under way cool things. I'm like that, I received an email from t!m holtz directly after I sent in a question about product (like within 2 minutes) and I was all kinds of hyped up!

Shelljo said...

that is cool! are special!