Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Turkey-less Thanksgiving

This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada. Saturday I had plans to meet up with Melissa and Jevon for a Thanksgiving dinner but no one else could make that time. We still met up and played games but we had pizza for dinner instead.

Sunday was "Thanksgiving". Mom, Dad and I were the only ones together for dinner so instead of doing a big turkey I convinced them to make salmon with stuffing since the stuffing is all I was really craving. Mom makes an awesome stuffed salmon but this time she chose to make the stuffing on the side and do the salmon on a cedar plank in the bar-b-que. It was amazing! (please excuse the sideways picture. I can't get it to straighten itself).

Monday Meredith took me out for breakfast and then we spent the day making cards. We took a break at one point and played a round of Monopoly. We haven't played that in ages but we had a blast.
So that was my long weekend. Fairly low key without a turkey in sight!

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