Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reasons to Move to Ontario

I keep trying to reference this blog post but then I realize that I never actually posted it in the first place. I started this particular entry in April. It's going to be on-going so I may as well clean it up and post it so I have something to work off.

My original post on this topic was in May 2007 since then the idea has continued to percolate and grow. I am a notoriously slow decision maker and I need time to get used to the idea. That's why the long timeline worked so well for me. Now we're under two years though and while part of me is scared because it's such a huge step, I'm getting more and more excited.

I've lost track of who I've told and who I haven't though. The only person I'm conciously NOT telling (yet) is my boss. Some of my coworkers know though and that's okay. I'm sure it will come out in casual conversation way before I give my official notice but for now, what she doesn't know won't hurt her. ;)

Earlier this week I was telling my friend Cheryl about my plan and, like most people I tell she said "it sounds like you've really thought it out." Which I have. So, here's a list of why I want to move to Ontario in Septemberish of 2010.

  1. It's still in Canada so no paperwork is required
  2. I have lots of friends there
  3. I have a church I can attend
  4. It's close to the East Coast of the US (which is an area I'd love to spend more time in)
  5. I'll be 29 in 2010 and in need of a change
  6. I want to live in more than one province in my lifetime
  7. Financially 2010 makes sense. My car will be paid off in 2009 and I have a plan to pay off my cc debt by 2010.
  8. I want to be in BC for the Olypmics but after that nothing is holding me.
  9. By then I'll have been at my job for 4 years and ready for something new
  10. At this point in my life I can leave all my furniture and kitchen items behind and start new because they were ALL hand-me-downs

And, from Rene

  • And then there's SSMI and SWON and the Ohio Retreat....all within driving

and Diane:

  • Ummm hello. I'm in driving distance.
So there. Lots of good reasons to move. Have I missed any?

Oh, and for the record, the drawbacks are:
  1. I will miss my parents and friends here
  2. The weather
  3. The lack of mountains
I'm not intending for this to be a long term thing though. Just a change of pace for awhile.


LvHmBirth said...

Umm ... come visit me, too? I'll treat on the chai tea lattes. :D It sounds like you have really thought it through (I never doubted that for a second).

agent713 said...

You bet. That reminds me. I'm going to do another post about timing.