Friday, October 17, 2008

Ontario: The Timeline

I've been to Ontario twice. The first time was Easter 2000. I was only there for four days but I got to see a lot of the sights. I visited again at the end of August, 2004. The main reason for my trip was the Creative Memories Showcase but I spent the week before visiting a number of different friends.

Since I've visited in the Spring and Summer, I now say that if/when I go back, it will be for Autumn because the trees are supposed to be gorgeous.

On the flip side, my favourite season in BC is summer. I don't love the heat but I love the busyness and the activity. The fairs and festivals, being outside, etc.

So right now I'm planning on heading East near the end of August 2010. I'll give notice in my apartment so I have it through the end of the month but if I get my ducks in a row, I can leave sooner than that. That will be a good time to drive across the country (because yes, I will be driving) and it will put me in Ontario just in time for Autumn.

I figure Septemberish is a good time to start a new job somewhere and, in a perfect world, I can still make plans to come home for Christmas. (Not to sure how that one will play out but I can hope right?)

Another thought is, if I'm in Ontario at the beginning of September, hopefully I can get down to the DC Retreat. Whether I drive, or fly, it's got to be cheaper since it's closer, right?

One last thing, with that timeline I have all winter to settle in and get familar with the area and once Spring/Summer hits I'll be ready and comfortable to start exploring in earnest. Because that's the main reason I want to live over there. To be close to stuff that we just don't have on the West Coast. Like history for example. 150 years just doesn't cut it.

So there, more reasons, not necessarily as to why to move, but WHEN.

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Passionate Eater said...

I hope that the move goes safely, whenever you decide to move! It is great that you have a fantastic experience w/BC under your belt though.